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Super Deck (brand name fsr KSH 98 and 100) are bearing structural elements to be used for:
KSH 98
- Top cladding of metallic construction buildings with large (frame) openings
- Side cladding
- Permanent metal casings.
- Footboards covered with concrete, light concrete or MDF
- Large span false ceilings
- Combination panels with insulation and additional sheet panel or sealing membrane (reverse insulation or bitumen cloth for metallic construction building cladding).
It may also be produced as perforated sheets for sound dampening applications.

Material Specifications

Sheet type / grade
Galvanized steel, 0.75 - 1.25 mm thick. Tolerances as per EN 10143 (according to EC 3 - 1.3, EN 10142/90 A1/95, EN 10147/91 A 1/95).
- Pre - painted galvanized steel, coated witn Super poyester -Polyester 25 u/E organic coating, according to EN 10169, NFP 34 -301.
Other organic coatings are available on request:
Plastisol, PVC, PVDF and THD in varying thickness.
- GALFAN, ALUSI, EZ metal coatings.
Other materials:
- INOX (stainless steel)
- Smooth or stucco - form aluminum, colored. Other grades available on request.